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if you plan on self-publishing your book on Smashwords and Amazon.


I have heard it far too often. Writers self-publish on Smashwords and Amazon, but their book doesn’t sell and they have no idea why. I knew I could help, so I started CRITIQUE MY BOOK.

Writers spend months, even years, working on what they believe will be the next “great American novel.” Many, after being turned down by traditional publishers, discover that there is an easier and quicker way to become a published author: self-publishing on Smashwords and Amazon.

It is a choice that hundreds of writers are turning to each day and as a result, great self-publishing sites such as Smashwords and Amazon are turning everyone into an instant author.

The problem is that thanks to great sites such as Smashwords and Amazon, there are now thousands of books available that are not worth reading.

Why is this? Because the book we worked on so hard and think is great (and our family and friends swore would be a best-seller) really isn’t so great. In fact, it is usually nothing more than 90,000 words filled with plot holes and grammar errors, and about as much fun to read as the phone book.

I can help you change that and guide you toward a well-polished, error-free book that will increase the chance of your book being successful.