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I understand that Critique My Book has other clients and may have to place my manuscript on a short waiting list. A critique of my manuscript (or any of the other services offered by Critique My Book) will depend on how many people are ahead of me.

I understand that all comments/suggestions should not be taken personally and are not intended as criticism of my work, but as ways to improve my manuscript and make it stronger. It is my choice whether or not to follow the advice Critique My Book suggests.

I understand that Critique My Book has no control over what people decide to purchase and as such makes no promises concerning increased book sales, but by hiring Critique My Book I am taking an important step toward becoming a successful author.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to problems with my server, there is a new email address for submission.

Please submit your manuscript to .

– In the “subject” line, please list which service (formatting for Smashwords or Amazon, proofreading, full edit & critique, etc.) you are requesting

– In the body of the e-mail, please tell me the word count and genre of your book

– Let me know if you want an e-mail confirming your manuscript arrived

– Include an e-mail address you check daily in case I have a question

– Don’t forget to attach your double-spaced (or 1.5 spaced if only requesting formatting) Word doc file!


PLEASE NOTE: Due to problems in the past, work on your manuscript does not begin until payment has been received. Thank you for your understanding.


Manuscript formatting for Smashwords and Amazon

Smashwords and Amazon have different formatting requirements, so you can not upload one file to both places. The price for formatting your Word doc file includes setting up your Table of Contents and creating the required hyperlinks needed for navigation. Send your manuscript to .

Under 50,000 words:

Formatting for Smashwords $25

Formatting for Amazon $25

Formatting for both Smashwords and Amazon $40

You save $10!


Over 50,000 words:

Formatting for Smashwords  $50

Formatting for Amazon  $50

Formatting for both Smashwords and Amazon  $75

You save $25!



Ideal reader

Everyone needs an “ideal reader” that will give you an honest appraisal of your book – someone who knows and understands what works (and what doesn’t) in a novel.

Family and friends can’t do this for two reasons. First, unless they are an author or have studied the craft of writing, they don’t fully understand the process required to put together a successful book. Second, no matter how often they swear they will tell you the truth about your writing, they won’t, because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. They also can’t, because they don’t have the knowledge needed to judge a plausible plot and assure it is filled with memorable characters that will keep your readers turning the pages.

This is where your “ideal reader” can make the difference between merely publishing a book that is little more than a decoration on the Smashwords and Amazon websites, and publishing one that people want to purchase.

I will read your entire novel and send you a complete evaluation of your book. My evaluation will include what I feel are your strengths and weaknesses, along with suggestions/comments on the plot and characters. I will also include ideas on how (if necessary) you could make the book stronger. Send your manuscript to .

Novellas or nonfiction (Under 40,000 words)  $35

Novels or nonfiction (Up to 100,000 words)  $50

Novels (Over 100,000 words)    $75


First chapter (up to 15 pages)

I cannot stress the importance of a good first chapter – particularly the first page – enough. If you don’t hook the reader right away, they will stop reading your free sample and you will lose a book sale.

Please include a short synopsis (two-three pages at the most) so I can get an idea of where your novella/novel/nonfiction book is headed. The synopsis does not have to be a professional or polished; I promise not to critique it! Send your chapter to .




Just as with the need for an “ideal reader,” everyone needs someone to proofread their manuscript. Typos, grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and punctuation problems are the main reasons most people are turned down by traditional publishers, and the main reason e-Books on Smashwords and Amazon don’t sell. Hardly a day goes by without me hearing this complaint from prospective e-Book buyers, proving how rampant this problem is with self-published e-Books. When readers check out the free sample pages and spot these problems, they shake their heads and move on to another author. No matter how fantastic the story, no one is going to spend hard-earned money for books filled with typos, grammar problems and spelling errors.

Items that will be marked for correction include:

– Typos, punctuation, and spelling errors

– Homonyms (weather/whether, carat/carrot, pray/prey)

– Errors in pronoun/antecedent agreement

– Errors in subject/verb agreement

– Missing and/or extra words
Novellas and nonfiction (Under 40,000 words)  $250

Novels and nonfiction (Up to 100,000 words)  $300

Novels (Over 100,000 words)  $350

Send your manuscript to .




Full edit and critique

You typed “The End” and can’t wait to hit the submit button on Smashwords and Amazon. I know the feeling. However, if you want your book to have any chance at success, you need to have someone with writing/publishing experience edit and critique your work – a fresh set of eyes that can spot the things you have overlooked.

Don’t confused critique with criticism. I understand the concerns some people have because I have sat through my own share of these kind of critiques while people ripped my story (and my ego) to shreds. A professional critique would never include personal attacks on your writing ability. None of the comments/suggestions should ever be taken personally. Think of a critique as a tool writers use – like a woodworker using sandpaper on a unfinished board to smooth the rough edges. A good critique will smooth the rough places in your book, enabling your writing and talent to shine through.

Things I look for include:

– All the things mentioned above in proofreading

– Clear concise writing – active vs. passive voice (show, don’t tell)

– Excessive wordiness (tight writing)

– Plot problems (holes in plot, loose ends, etc.)

– Pacing (places that need a faster or slower pace, etc.)

– Tension and conflict (is it powerful enough to keep the reader reading, etc.)

– Setting/Locations (too much description/too little, etc.)

– Character problems (did your character remain in character, character growth, etc.)

– Point of view (POV) problems (changing POV in a paragraph, etc.)

– Dialogue (does it sound natural, is there too much, too little, etc.)

-Organization of details, scenes, and chapters

I also offer my overall impression of your work and answer questions such as:

– Does the story idea seem plausible?

– Do your chapter endings make the reader want to keep reading?

– Does the reader feel satisfied at the end, or are they left with a vague, confused feeling?

– Are your characters unique and memorable, or do they need more work?

– Did you tie up all loose ends?

– What I feel are your strengths/ weaknesses.

– How you could make your story stronger, if needed.

Send your manuscript to .


Novellas and nonfiction (Under 40,000 words)  $450

Novels and nonfiction (Up to 100,000 words)  $550

Novels (Over 100,000 words)  $650

Full Edit and Critique


Second critique

Sometimes a very rough manuscript will require numerous changes and rewrites. These authors often request a second critique and edit, just to be sure they fixed the problems.

A request for a second critique will be moved to the top of the waiting list and checked at the earliest possible moment. Send your manuscript to .

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the number of people claiming to have had a critique done by someone else in order to take advantage of this reduced rate, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY only manuscripts that have had the first critique done by Critique My Book qualify for this “second critique” rate. 


Novellas and nonfiction (Under 40,000 words)  $225

Novels and nonfiction (Up to 100,000 words)  $275

Novels (Over 100,000 words)  $325