About me

My name is Cheryl Morris. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me.

I have studied the craft of writing for many years and am a member of the Intergenerational Writer’s Guild. I am also a published author with three books to my credit. My lastest book, The Night the Stars Fell, is an historical fiction e-Book I published on Smashwords and Amazon.

As an author, I understand the ins and outs of putting together a story that will hold a reader’s interest, along the need to present a polished, error-free book in order to compete against the hundreds of other books being published daily on Smashwords and Amazon.

I know, and sympathize, with the fear many people have about having their work critiqued. I, too, have been the victim of critiques that were nothing more than thinly veiled bouts of criticism. I understand how hurtful and unproductive these so-called critiques can be, and do not critique that way.

Instead, I give objective evaluations aimed at helping you produce the best book possible. By critiquing this way I am able to guide you toward a polished manuscript readers will enjoy, free of the mistakes found in so many self-published books. I offer advice and suggestions on things such as plot and pacing, character development, conflict and tension, and point of view problems. I look for typos, grammar problems and spelling errors (things that can be found in all manuscripts, even the manuscripts of best-selling authors) and help you turn your hard work into a book you can be proud to say is yours.